Bechamel Sauce in 5 steps

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Preparation time
10 min
Cooking time
15 min
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Nutrition Facts

For 1 serving

Teneur % valeur quotidienne
Calories 160  
Total Fat 10 g  
Saturated Fat 6 g  
Sodium (salt) 120 mg  
Carbohydrate 12 g  
Fibre 0 g  
Protein 5 g  

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  1. Measure 45 ml (3 tablespoons) of butter and 45 ml (3 tablespoons) of flour per 500 ml (2 cups) of milk.
  2. Melt the butter over medium heat in a saucepan, add 1/2 chopped onion and stir until tender and almost translucent (looks like you can see through them!).
  3. Sprinkle the flour on the butter and onion and stir with a whisk.
  4. Let the butter and flour mixture cook for 1 minute over medium heat, whisking constantly. That way, your bechamel won’t taste like flour. This step is called making a roux. The roux is used to thicken your milk and give you a nice creamy sauce.
  5. Add the milk and a pinch of nutmeg, stiring constantly with a whisk. Bring to a boil (over medium-high heat). If you stop whisking, your sauce will be lumpy.
  6. When the consistency of your sauce becomes thick and creamy (you feel your arm getting tired of stirring!), remove from the heat and season with salt and pepper. Taste before seasoning.


This recipe is from My Lil’ Ricardo.


  1. Travis A.

    0 étoiles

    Good idea: Add onions and nutmeg to the ingredients list! Thanks.

  2. Solange T.

    5 étoiles

    just add eggs to this bechamel sauce, et VOILA! Dinner is ready

  3. Solange T.

    5 étoiles

    Excellent sauce for salmon pie

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