RICARDO’s Great Canadian Survey in collaboration with Leger Marketing

RICARDO’s Great Canadian Survey
in collaboration with Leger Marketing

Canada's favorite comfort food is lasagna
42% of Canadians enjoy Italian cuisine


“This made me laugh,” says Anita Stewart. “Lasagna was sort of exotic back in the 1960s... It was in my grade 12 cookbook by Nellie Lyle Pattinson! Then lasagna became easy, cheap and freezable. It feeds a crowd, it’s fast, and it’s really versatile: There are so many different combinations and permutations—meat or meatless. It’s also a great example of a culturally appropriated dish because most of the ingredients are local, except maybe the black pepper. And generally, we have most of what we need to make lasagna in the cupboard and the fridge.”

Anita Stewart

Anita Stewart

Member of the Order of Canada, University of Guelph Food Laureate, author and Food Day Canada founder

22% of Canadians enjoy eating pasta as a family.


72% of Canadians eat breakfast just about every morning.
22% of Canadians say pasta is the dish they eat most as a family.
14% of Canadians surf the web while at the dinner table.
60% of Canadians learned to cook with their mothers.
12% of Canadians set a budget before going to the grocery store.
62% of Canadians consult grocery store flyers.
76% of Canadians use a slow cooker.
27% of Canadians grow their own vegetables.
51% of Canadians order takeout at least once a week.
56% of Canadians look at the nutritionals facts label when shopping.
31% of Canadians drink wine at least once a week.
43% of Canadians make their own preserves.

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