RICARDO’s Great Canadian Survey in collaboration with Leger Marketing

RICARDO’s Great Canadian Survey
in collaboration with Leger Marketing

We're brown baggers at heart
67% of people who like to eat healthy bring their lunch to work every day.


“We’re so busy these days!” exclaims Anita Stewart. “Many of us work in offices where it’s much easier to eat at our desks or on the go—I’ve even seen people eating lunch in their cars... People I know who make their lunches are packing them ahead of time—using leftovers from dinner the night before, for example—so they can grab and go in the morning. If you know how to cook, you’re all set.” And as for the 48% who go out to lunch at least once a week? Stewart suspects that it might be more of a weekly splurge. “I think going out to lunch is viewed as a bit of a luxury. But by Friday morning, I’m exhausted and I’m not making my lunch. I’m going out.”

Anita Stewart

Anita Stewart

Member of the Order of Canada, University of Guelph Food Laureate, author and Food Day Canada founder

18% never bring their lunch and 48% go out to lunch at least once a week.
34% say lunch preparation is a major chore.
“There are a lot of restrictions at schools these days, so I get why making lunches can feel like a chore. In my opinion, every child should have at least one thing in their lunch that makes them happy. When I was young, I wasn’t good at school. My one moment of fun during the day was at lunch because my mother would always give me a little treat—like a half-moon cake—to brighten my day. Lunch should be a pleasure that we look forward to.” — Ricardo


72% of Canadians eat breakfast just about every morning.
22% of Canadians say pasta is the dish they eat most as a family.
14% of Canadians surf the web while at the dinner table.
60% of Canadians learned to cook with their mothers.
12% of Canadians set a budget before going to the grocery store.
62% of Canadians consult grocery store flyers.
76% of Canadians use a slow cooker.
27% of Canadians grow their own vegetables.
51% of Canadians order takeout at least once a week.
56% of Canadians look at the nutritionals facts label when shopping.
31% of Canadians drink wine at least once a week.
43% of Canadians make their own preserves.

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