Feel-good food ideas

Published October 3rd, 2013 0 star (0)
Feel-good food ideas

A cause close to my heart

October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The whirlwind of life is fabulous. It carries us along and makes us believe that anything is possible and nothing will get in our way, until the day a doctor says the word cancer. In my case, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our blood ran cold, the walls came crashing down. I didn’t think I could cry so much in such a short period of time. Tears of fear, tears of rage, tears of love. And then the show must go on… have to make dinner for the kids tonight.

I married my wife for love and she is larger than life in the eyes of our three children. The idea of seeing her live on only through our daughters fills me with dread, even after eight years in remission. I will never get over the fear of losing her.

When life suddenly starts slipping through your fingers and you get a second chance, you want to immediately acknowledge the research, talent and devotion of the exceptional people who made it possible. To express an almost euphoric appreciation of life and for each person who helped you through this physical and emotional struggle.

Here are some recipes to make you feel better. You'll find recipes for those facing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as those who want to help and support a loved one. And it's also for everyone who wants to eat well to stay healthy or adopt a healthy lifestyle. Thank you to IGA for getting involved in this cause.



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