New RICARDO Cooking Sauces

To help you spend less time cooking and more time with your family and friends, we’re launching four new cooking sauces! Preparing a tasty meal for the whole family has never been easier. Choose one of our four flavours: Butter Chicken, Cacciatore, Pulled Pork or Bourguignon. Add a protein of your choice, select one of the four cooking methods and you’re all set!

With fall’s arrival, there’s reason to celebrate. Say goodbye to complicated meals and a pile of dirty pots and pans. Want to serve up a super-flavourful supper in less than 30 minutes? Starting at the end of September, stock up on our new RICARDO cooking sauces in all IGA, IGA extra, Marchés Tradition and Bonichoix grocery stores across Quebec.

Comfort food in record time

We all know that supper can sometimes be a little rushed. Amaze the whole family with our superb Bourguignon blend of red wine, lardons and vegetables, our rich cacciatore sauce with tomatoes, bell peppers and mushrooms, our pulled pork’s delicious sweet-and-sour blend of tomatoes and spices, and our spin on classic butter chicken, with its sweet mix of spices, tomatoes and cream. Whatever cooking method you prefer, our sauces will become your go-to allies on busy nights. All our sauces are suitable for cooking in a pressure cooker, slow cooker, saucepot or in the oven!

The 3 secrets to our sauces

  • Made in Quebec
  • No artificial flavours
  • Made with fresh, local ingredients

Switch it up

Want to use tofu instead of chicken thighs with the butter chicken sauce? No problem! Discover dozens of delicious recipes you can make with our cooking sauces at our online store!