My hard-boiled eggs are a disaster!

My hard-boiled eggs are a disaster!

I want to make pickled eggs, but when I peel my hard-cooked eggs the whites tend to stick to the shells. What am I doing wrong?

Sometimes the membrane under the shell clings stubbornly to the white. Why? Believe it or not, the eggs are too fresh. If you’re preparing a large number of hard-cooked eggs that you need to peel cleanly, buy the eggs about a week ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator. To facilitate peeling, chill the eggs thoroughly in water after cooking, then roll them gently on the counter to crack the shells all over. Holding an egg under running water, start peeling from the rounder end, where the air pocket is located, and gently lift the membrane away from the white.


  1. Another tip known in the poultry world... use a regular teaspoon (not a measuring spoon). As said, start with the air pocket end, hold the spoon, cup/curve down, and slide it under the shell following the curve of the egg. Lift up and voila! Shell comes off very neatly in far less time than picky picky picking.

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