Pressure Cooker Pho Soup

  • Preparation 15 MIN
    Cooking 55 MIN
  • Servings 4
Make this tasty, Asian-inspired pho soup recipe in your RICARDO electric pressure cooker or Instant Pot.






  1. Preheat the pressure cooker on the Sauté function for 2 minutes. Brown the bones on one side in both of the oils for 5 minutes. Flip the bones over and add the onion and ginger. Cook until the bones are deeply caramelized.
  2. Add the water, sauces and star anise. Mix well. Cover and select the Soup function.


  1. Let the pressure release and remove the lid. Using a slotted spoon, remove the bones, onion, ginger and star anise from the broth and discard (see note).
  2. Select the Steam function. Add the noodles and cook, uncovered, for 5 minutes or until tender.
  3. Divide the beef slices, bean sprouts, cilantro and green onions among four bowls. Top with the hot broth. Serve with lime wedges, Thai basil leaves and Sriracha.


Broth freezes well. Any marrow left in the beef bones after cooking can be added to the soup. This basic Asian-inspired beef broth can be used as a starting point for other recipes. Instant noodles are often sold with a seasoning packet, which you will not need to add to this recipe.

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