Gris de Gris

With its pale pink hue, this rosé wine from Camargue, in the South of France, has an intense yet delicate nose, bringing notes of red berries, peach and apricot followed by hints of exotic fruits. Its full-bodied, generous taste, with notes of wild strawberries and pomelo, is both fresh and subtle, combing elegance with sophistication. This wine is the perfect accompaniment to casual gatherings on the patio or your most refined summer dishes.

2016 | 750 ml


This Spanish red wine derived from the monastrell grape is characterized by a beautiful and charming blend of fresh red berry, cranberry and licorice notes. Only slightly tannic, it has a nicely balanced body that evokes the warm and sunny Spanish countryside. It pairs perfectly with poultry, pork and veal dishes. Serve at approximately 18°C to enjoy its full range of flavours.

2015 | 750 ml
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