3 Ways to Cook with RICARDO Bourguignon Cooking Sauce

RICARDO cooking sauces were created to help simplify your often hectic daily life by saving you precious time. And, with these new sauces, you can make more recipes than the one you see on the label—a nice bonus! Our Test Kitchen chefs accepted Ricardo’s challenge: to come up with three simple ways to cook with the RICARDO Bourguignon Cooking Sauce, a gourmet blend of red wine, lardons and vegetables. This sauce is made from familiar ingredients, is gluten-free and has no added sugars, artificial flavours or preservatives. Game on!

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*Video in French only.

1. Cabbage and Sausage Casserole 

“Here’s a recipe you could write down on a Post-it Note—it’s that simple to remember and easy to make! You’ve got mashed potatoes, three pieces of sausage, a dash of colour with the green beans, a little parsley and voilà!” – Nicolas Cadrin, Test Kitchen chef

2. Oeufs en meurette

“We stick to the Burgundy region with this recipe for oeufs en meurette, a traditional French dish made with poached eggs and red-wine sauce. A finishing touch of parsley brings out the flavours, and the eggs are nice and runny.” – Lisa Birri, Test Kitchen chef

3. Grilled Gnocchi

“This is so much fun, because all the ingredients needed for the sauce are already in the Bourguignon cooking sauce! Lardons, pearl onions, carrots, herbs—they’re all there. It’s so practical, you can even make this recipe during the week.” – Kareen Grondin, product development manager

This all goes to show that when you’re feeling creative, one jar can be used to make a variety of tasty dishes at home. RICARDO cooking sauces are available exclusively at IGA, at the RICARDO Boutiques in Quebec City, Laval and Saint-Lambert, and online.