Ricardo’s take on a modern Christmas with classic tastes

By Anne Desjardins, Le Soleil, December 4, 2009

It’s no simple matter to add a new twist to Christmas dinner while keeping those delicious must-haves we crave and which help create lasting memories. Unless a friend like Ricardo comes to the rescue... I’ve known Ricardo and his wife Brigitte for years. This was the first time I was able to extend an invitation to them in Quebec City.

Ricardo is the author of the wonderful book Parce qu'on a tous de la visite; the English version is titled Ricardo: Meals for every occasion. The book was the 2009 gold winner in the cookbook category at the Canadian Culinary Book Awards held by Cuisine Canada-University of Guelph. Knowing a little something about Ricardo’s sweet tooth, I invited him and his family for dessert at La Mangue verte bakery-resto in the Lebourgneuf neighbourhood where the head pastry chef treated us to his salty caramel creations and his delicate exotic fruit mousses. While we ate, we chatted about all the details that make Christmas so unforgettable and that the Ricardo Cuisine team had included in the special Christmas edition of the magazine (available in French only). Visit the Ricardo Cuisine website, too, at There you’ll find some 1,500 recipes. Click on the Christmas tab to access all sorts of recipe and gift ideas for the holiday season.