How to Make an Egg-Free, Peanut-Free Pad Thai

Do you have allergies or intolerances? Discover our technique behind making a traditional pad Thai recipe that requires no peanuts or eggs.

Replacing the peanuts

As a substitute for peanut butter, we used WowButter brand soybean spread. Its taste and texture are very similar to those of commercial peanut butter. And it’s easy to find in supermarkets and health-food stores.

As a substitute for whole peanuts, roasted soybeans work well. But pay attention when choosing them. Some companies process their peanuts on the same production line as their soybeans. Do your research!

How do you replace the eggs?

Trick question! In this pad Thai, the eggs haven’t been replaced, they’ve simply been omitted altogether. Our repertoire of egg-free recipes provides you with many options for easy-to-make dishes.

And you’re allergic to nuts, here are some recipes designed specifically for you!