Colourful Recipes to Cook with Persimmons

Bright stars of winter, persimmons show up just as the weather gets cold and lift our spirits with a touch of exotic excitement. Discover how these coveted, versatile fruits add a honeyed taste and splash of colour to the holiday table.

1. Arugula Salad with Persimmon and Almonds

Persimmons pretty up sweet or savoury dishes, like this peppy salad that puts the flavours of Spain on show. The crunch of roasted almonds meets the firm richness of Manchego cheese, tied together with a dressing of sherry vinegar. Above the peppery tang of arugula and slivered shallots, persimmons find a friend in fresh figs, which share a delicate taste and texture. Perfect for lunch, or as a suppertime side.

2. Persimmon Chutney

A chutney that’s both familiar and exotic, as diced apple mingles with cubes of barely cooked persimmon. To supercharge the sweet-sour experience, we used ginger, Espelette pepper and the acidic kick of two kinds of vinegar: rice and apple. On a cheese platter, this holiday condiment is a perfect fit with soft, creamy cheeses, and it can also substitute for fruit ketchup with a meat pie or for cranberry sauce with turkey.

3. Persimmon and Vanilla Sorbet

The vanilla notes found in persimmons are reinforced in this sophisticated yet simple sorbet. The fruit is first frozen, then thawed to get the right consistency, before being whirred in the blender with sugar and a speckle of vanilla seeds. 

4. White Chocolate, Macadamia Nut and Persimmon Tartlets

Small size, big wow: These dessert tarts truly put our orange fruit in the spotlight. We gave the slices a little sizzle under the torch to accentuate their dark edges and star-shaped centres. They shine atop a filling of ultra-smooth white chocolate and cream spiced with festive cardamom, which floats on a macadamia-nut crust.

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