The Best Recipe for Redoing Your Kitchen

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After having emptied the dishwasher for the umpteenth time and having cooked meals every single day these past few months, you’ve likely come to the realization that the kitchen is the heart of the home...and that it’s not quite optimal. Those who cook often know: When you’re organized and your space has been properly designed, everything is better!

If you’ve been mulling the idea of renovating your kitchen during this time spent at home, check out these five tips developed with Miralis on how to properly kickstart your project and, especially, how to see things more clearly.

1. Get inspired

Before diving in to a new kitchen decor, find a style that you’d like to reproduce. Next time you’re at a friend’s house or in a store, for example, pay attention to particular materials used, to identify what catches your eye or, conversely, what you find displeasing. Try to remember various designs you’ve seen and liked online, and ask yourself why they caught your attention in the first place.

Is it a style of door? A wood and colour pairing? A type of backsplash? The more your sense of observation is engaged, the more you’ll be able to verbalize to your designer the elements you consider essential. It is a key step to having a kitchen that meets your needs.


2. Find some guidance

Enlist the help of kitchen design specialists who will listen to you and help define your needs: amount of storage space needed, type and size of work surfaces, specific lighting required, kitchen island to help the kids with homework while you cook… Ergonomics and the layout’s function with your specific lifestyle are adapted to create a customized kitchen, designed and imagined just for you.

Know that there is not only one unique recipe when it comes time to renovate your kitchen! It is essential to establish a budget so that the specialists can guide you and allocate the amount between the essentials and the little extras. The investment you put into a kitchen must be distributed in a mindful way, since you’re going to have it for years to come.

Your kitchen must be personalized to match your lifestyle. Whether it’s because your child cooks on his own schedule or you enjoy making pizza and require a counter made for rolling dough…a well-thought-out layout ensures its quality of life.

3. Choose the right moment

Many people dream of renovating their kitchen, but never find the right moment to jump into action. With travel plans on hold for now, the coming months seem like the ideal time to act. Plus, summer is an auspicious time, given that it’s the perfect season to cook and eat outside. It’ll allow you to start your kitchen project without feeling hindered or bothered in your home.

With the warm weather already here, forget the oven and make the most of BBQ season to enjoy grilled meals as well as an abundance of fruits and veggies you can enjoy without cooking.

4. Goodbye obsolescence, hello timeless and durable kitchen!

  • It’s important to keep in mind that a new kitchen must last a long time. After all, we spend so much of our time there. It’s wise to invest in quality and think long-term.
  • A practical kitchen can stand the test of time and remains optimal throughout our entire lives. We can even rethink our kitchen by considering the functionalities that will be useful years from now, such as when kids become teenagers.
  • Make wise choices when it comes to materials. That said, opt for materials that are sustainably designed, requiring little maintenance. Choose companies that are known for their long-standing quality.
  • Go for a timeless design and select materials that will remain impeccable for decades. Focus on functionality as well, with tons of neutrals for the cupboards and the counter, and colourful accessories that can be changed easily. Each item must have its own well-thought-out space: cooking utensils near the stove, mugs near the coffee machine, etc.

We believe a kitchen should still remain pretty, nice and functional in 20 years.” - Miralis

5. Prioritize local materials

You favour local ingredients in your recipes, so why not do the same when renovating your kitchen? Our partner Miralis’s factory is located in Quebec’s Bas-Saint-Laurent region. Imagine a kitchen that has been thought up and designed here. It’s something to be proud of!

This article is a collaboration between RICARDO and Miralis.

*Photo credits - Miralis | © Design : FJORD Intérieurs, Riverhead | © Photo : Simon Couturier