5 Ways to Help Local Restaurateurs

The more the weeks pass, the more they start to look the same. And the weeks aren’t all that cheerful for many restaurant owners across the country, left with constant uncertainty for almost a year now. And as you know, our Café RICARDO restaurants have also been closed for many months.

That’s why we encourage you to support your favourite restaurants. Because between all the closings and reopenings, many still need our help as they hope things will return to normal soon without too much damage done.

From east to west, in a red or orange zone, here are five ways to help your local restaurant owners.

1. Delivery and to-go orders

Plenty of restaurants rolled up their sleeves and offered dishes for pick-up or delivery. For many, this was the only way to keep their doors from closing for good. Call up your favourite restaurant and inform yourself of their services! Is delivery available? Do they have online ordering or by telephone? Contact them directly; you might be surprised at the measures put in place by restaurants since the first wave.

2. Buy direct

There’s nothing quite like doing business directly with a restaurant. By avoiding third-party sites, you ensure that all of the money you spend on food will go to the entrepreneur you wish to support. True, those delivery apps allow us to access a wide variety of cuisines from the comfort of our homes. However, they come at a high cost for restaurateurs: a 30% commission on orders!

The best way to support restaurants is to go pick up your order in person, unless, of course, they offer their own delivery service.

3. Clothing, merch and more

What’s also great is that many businesses have diversified the products available to their clientele. Many now sell clothing or other merchandise (like caps or shopping bags) featuring their company’s logo. Others even use their former dining areas to sell the wares of their food suppliers, to help keep them afloat, too.

After all, it’s not only restaurateurs who are suffering, but also others in the industry. Hence the importance of helping out food producers when possible or diversifying your next order by adding a T-shirt from your favourite restaurant!

4. Tips

The need to keep one’s head above water has sparked creative energy, leading to innovative solutions that have allowed entrepreneurs to rehire a small number of employees. Given the current situation, restaurateurs may not have much latitude where salaries are concerned, so handing out a generous tip when ordering can make all the difference for an employee.

5. Alcohol

The shuttering of dining rooms also drastically reduced the sale of alcohol. But in December, the province of Quebec permitted the sale of alcohol with food orders via delivery or pick-up. So be sure to take advantage and order a bottle with your next meal. After all, a restaurateur can also offer a nice suggestion of what pairs well with your order!

6. Feedback

Okay, we said five ways, but we’re feeling a bit generous. So the next time you order takeout, if you’re satisfied with the service and the food, take the time to say so on the restaurant’s social platforms. It’s free, and you’ll be contributing to popularizing this business’s services. What’s more, you’re also participating in employment survival in your city or neighbourhood!