Valentine’s Day, finger food frenzy…

We’ve got some irresistible, easy-to-prepare finger foods for you that will win the heart (and stomach) of your crush or long-time love. Good planning will ensure a successful evening, whether it’s a first date with someone special or an intimate night with your soul mate.

  • Switch it up. Eat on a low table in the living room. Set the mood with various candles.
  • A shortcut for shrimp cocktail with mango sauce: buy pre-cooked shrimp, make the mango sauce and horseradish in advance, and sit back and relax. An exquisite appetizer in no time.
  • Simple and sophisticated, Chinese pancakes with duck confit will quickly make your Valentine fall under your spell. Make the pancakes a day in advance, pick up two duck legs at the butcher and chop vegetables for the filling beforehand. All that’s left to do is reheat the pancakes and duck at the last minute, and voilà, finger food heaven!
  • Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Unimaginable! Spicy chocolate cupcakes are just the thing to melt your Valentine’s heart and you can make this dessert in advance. If you’re not the world’s best baker, make chocolate fondue instead and add some spices. Original and quite simply delicious…
  • Orange and star anise finger bowls are a classy way to wrap up this finger food extravaganza. And just so it’s clear: these small bowls of orange and star anise-flavoured water are not to drink but to rinse your fingers!