Covering Your Pots to Save Time: Myth or Reality?

Can you save time by placing a lid on a pot? The answer is yes! How? Part of the explanation is simply physics. By trapping the water vapours under the lid, the pressure and heat increase inside the pot, which helps bring the water to a boil much more quickly.

And when water boils faster, food takes less time to cook. So you not only save time, but energy as well, as you end up using your stovetop for less time.

To salt your water or not

Does salting your pot of water help reduce boiling time? The answer this time is no. Adding salt actually increases the boiling point of water. The difference in cooking time is often only a few seconds, but the water will still take longer to boil, given that the boiling point will be higher.  

Let Christina Blais explain all there is to know about salt, including the real reason why we salt the water when cooking pasta: