Serving hot dishes

How do you serve dinner for six or more people where everyone’s meal stays warm?

Here are five tips to throw out there about how to host several people and serve a hot meal...

  • Make a casserole, with sauce or au gratin. This sort of meal stays warm longer. For example, Italian-style lamb and potato casserole would be a great choice at Easter.
  • Prepare food such as veal cutlets or steak at the last minute as it cools down very quickly.
  • If you want to serve pasta, make your sauce in advance and keep it warm. Cook the pasta just before dinner and add it to the warm sauce. We are used to doing the opposite but Italians never put sauce on pasta... they warm pasta up by adding it to the sauce.
  • Choose vegetable side dishes that are easy to keep warm: mashed sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke gratin, etc.
  • Finally, an important detail: before serving, preheat your plates in the oven at 100 °C (200 °F). The food will remain warm longer.