Homemade Maple Taffy on Snow

  • Cooking 10 MIN



  1. With clean snow and real maple syrup, you have what it takes to impress kids. Simply fill a large container with compacted snow. Leave it outside or freeze while you boil the syrup in a saucepan. Some do it by eye, cooking the contents of a maple syrup can take about ten minutes. Me, I always use a candy thermometer. For perfect taffy, it should read 115 °C (238 °F).
  2. At that precise temperature, remove the pan from the heat and make a test on the snow to check for consistency. If it is too hard, add a little water and stir to combine.
  3. If, instead, the taffy is too liquid, continue cooking. With a metal spoon, pour the boiling syrup over the snow. Give wooden sticks (Popsicle sticks) to the kids and let them have fun. Get your camera out!

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