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The Basic

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  • Create your free My RICARDO account
  • Save your favourite recipes
  • Personalize your files to arrange your favourite recipes
  • Add notes to personalize your recipes
  • Create and easily manage your grocery list
  • Plan and consult your weekly menu

A new personalized, intelligent tool

Simplify your daily life and make planning and preparing your meals easier with our new My RICARDO+ digital subscription offering

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A new personalized, intelligent tool
  • Browse ad-free

    With your My RICARDO+ subscription, enjoy a browsing experience that is completely free of advertisements.

  • Get personalized recipe suggestions

    Create your profile and let our intelligent recommendation engine suggest the best recipes for your family.

  • Create recipe cards for your own recipes

    Access your family recipes from all your devices and add them to your menu or your grocery list.

  • Save recipes from other websites

    Create shortcuts to quickly access them or easily add them to your menu or grocery list.

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Combine RICARDO magazine and My RICARDO+ subscription

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(The Best) subscription includes the digital version (available in French only) or the print version (available in French only and includes the digital version), access to all the free My RICARDO tools and a subscription to My RICARDO+.