Exciting New Packaging for RICARDO Products

For the start of the school year, the RICARDO products offered at IGA will change their look, in addition to new products that are being added to our selection of offerings. The packaging, designed with creative agency Pigeon, has been conceived to make our range of dishes and foods even easier to distinguish on shelves and in grocery store fridges. With their vibrant colours, easy-to-read information and unifying tone, we wanted to emphasize our mission of “eating together.” Here’s what you’ll soon see in a supermarket near you.

Colour everywhere

products. Appetizing, right? Each package stands out on the counters and aisles with a brightness that gives our products and food a warm, inviting look and adds some colour to your grocery basket—and your household!

Clear information

Whether it’s our soups, our seasoned fresh meats or ready-to-eat dishes in family or individual format, you can read at a glance everything you need to know: a description of the dish, the number of servings, the amount offered in the container and some cooking indications. This information allows you to make an informed choice in seconds. And with the word RICARDO written in full on every package, you know you’ve found us!

nouveaux emballages RICARDO

The little RICARDO wink

These packages have been created to make your life easier when you make your purchases. We think of you when developing them with our partners, and we want to speak to you, even at the grocery store. Sometimes there will be a quote from Ricardo, or a nice note about something that we want to communicate. Fancy a culinary journey, a dinner that won’t leave you with a pile of dishes, or some comfort cooking? You will know this immediately by looking at the product.

The little RICARDO wink