Get Cooking with the New RICARDO Pressure Cooker

Our new pressure cooker can make all sorts of amazing things—from soup to yogurt— in less time than it takes to say “It’s ready!” And there’s no reason to feel intimidated by your mother’s old Presto. Here’s a quick guide to pressure-cooking for the modern era that’ll help you become a pro when it comes to creating super-easy dishes at the snap of your fingers.

How does it work?

The principle behind the pressure cooker is fairly simple: Thanks to a hermetically sealed lid and the gradually growing pressure created within the pot, the boiling point of water is higher than at normal pressure (114°C instead of 100°C on pre-programmed functions with a default setting of 60 kPa). This is what makes food cook quickly. For instance, a beef stew takes about 30 to 45 minutes to cook, and a whole ham is ready in under an hour.

Safety First

The RICARDO pressure cooker features a lid-locking mechanism and a pressure regulator for added safety. The hermetic lid and steam calibration system make it both highly efficient and ultra-secure. And it’s so easy to use: All you need to do is press one of the 10 preprogrammed functions—for instance yogurt, meat, stir-fry or legumes—and you’re set! The unique modern design, with digital LED display, lets you monitor your recipes as they cook, and the unit reverts automatically to Warm mode when the cooking is done.

3 Tasty Facts About The Pressure Cooker

1. It's Energy-Efficient

The pressure cooker helps you reduce energy consumption (gas, propane or electricity, as the case may be), because cooking times are reduced by up to 70%. This is a significant factor over the long term!

2. It Saves You Money!

Tougher (but cheaper) cuts of meat, like stewing cubes and shoulder or blade roasts, literally melt in your mouth when they’re done in a pressure cooker, as collagen transforms into gelatin.

3. You'll Get An Extra Vitamin Boost!

Studies have shown that pressure cookers retain vitamin C and carotene more effectively than boiling does. Since the cooking time is reduced, the nutritional value of your food is greater than with other cooking methods.

Anne Cazavan