5 Tips to Help You Impress Guests Once Again

It’s been almost two years since we lost the habit of entertaining people in our homes. Good news: Much like riding a bicycle, the reflex will come back quickly to you! To help you see more clearly, we’re offering up a list of tips for relearning how to host. Our suggestions will definitely help you find your bearings.

1. Planning

Everything needs to be planned! From the invitations to ensuring you have decaf coffee for the end of the evening. No one will blame you for thinking through even the smallest of details. The idea here is to take the time needed to check what can be done in advance. Has the alcohol been purchased? Do non-alcoholic drinks need to be refrigerated? Can some dishes on the menu be prepared ahead of time and frozen? And so on and so forth. 

Planning is therefore extremely important in order to be able to truly enjoy the evening with your guests. After all, you didn’t invite your loved ones over for the holidays, only for them to spend the evening with the dining room furniture!

List of things to not forget:
  • • Which dinnerware set will you be using throughout the evening?
  • • Has all the alcohol been purchased?
  • • Have certain products been reserved or ordered in advance?
  • • Are there any allergies or food intolerances you need to keep in mind?
  • • How will you be setting the table?

2. The menu

A buffet, in whole or in part, is often an excellent choice for groups. To save time, hosting a potluck is also a good option. Everyone brings something from home, so that keeps the host from running between the kitchen and the dining room all evening long! Note that everything here relies on the above-mentioned tip, which is to plan ahead. Whether it’s a buffet or a multi-course meal, making sure the dinner flows well will surely prevent a few headaches.

3. The road map

Once you have decided on the menu, it’s time to make a game plan! What can be prepared a few days, or even a few weeks, in advance? The same way you follow a recipe to prepare a meal, create your own recipe for the evening. Your road map will allow you to prepare as many things as possible before your guests arrive. After all, the host also has a right to enjoy their evening!

4. The details

The devil is in the details, as they say, and those little details can make a big difference come the night of your dinner. A must-have? A pitcher of cold water! Or sparkling water, depending on everyone’s preference, to ensure your guests are well hydrated.

5. Improvise

Despite all this planning, it is also important to let yourself be guided by the conversation and the mood of your surroundings. It is not the end of the world if a dish hasn’t been served (or was even forgotten!). The most important thing is to trust yourself and allow yourself to have some fun. Your guests will be even more delighted!

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