3 Festive Recipes with a Touch of Amarula

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A bottle of liqueur or wine during the holidays is always in good taste, whether to give as a gift or to enjoy! In the latter category, this doesn’t only mean in a glass; there are ways to include them in recipes, too. Let us and our friends at Amarula show you how versatile their cream liqueur truly is, and the various ways you can enjoy it during the festive season.


Amarula is best enjoyed over ice, where you can appreciate the silky texture of the fruit-based cream liqueur. Taste the notes of caramel, vanilla and toasted nuts in the distilled marula spirit, aged in French oak barrels and blended with cream for you to enjoy in many ways.

1. Flambé coffee

When dinner is over and dessert rolls around, an impressive coffee is surely in order. Adding a splash or two of Amarula to your coffee will certainly give it a kick and turn it into a treat in itself! There are various ways to whip up a spiked coffee drink, from a cozy s’mores-inspired version to something with a bit of flair.

2. Duck breast marinade

If you didn’t think cream liqueur could be enjoyed in a savoury dish, then this gorgeous duck recipe is sure to surprise. The fruitiness of the liqueur is the perfect balance to the rich gaminess of the poultry. Use the remainder of the marinade to create a creamy, buttery sauce for drizzling.

3. Crème brûlée

Five ingredients are all you need to create this custardy dessert. Fancy but not at all difficult to make, the inclusion of the alcohol brings a distinct flavour to the cream. As you break into the caramelized sugar, you’ll taste the subtle fruity flavour in this luscious treat. A little is just enough to bring a fun twist to this classic dessert.

Amarula can be enjoyed any day of the year, but it is also ideal for holidays and special occasions. From cocktails to dessert, the cream liqueur’s distinct, complex flavour shines through and brings something different to the holiday table.


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This article is a collaboration between RICARDO and Amarula.