10 Secrets to Learn about Canned Goods

They are an integral part of your pantry, but do you know everything there is to know about canned goods? From their shelf life to their nutritional value, here are 10 little-known facts about them.

1. Shelf Life

Canned fruits and vegetables have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years from their production date, in ideal storage conditions. In your pantry, for example!


2. Rinsing

Legumes are best rinsed to get rid of the thick coating they come in, which has a less appealing texture. As for fruits and vegetables, simply drain them; no rinsing is necessary.


3. Shelf Life Once Opened

Once a can has been opened, the food can be stored for 2 to 3 days, in an airtight glass or plastic container, in the refrigerator. To prevent cross-contamination and ensure food safety, do not leave food in the metal can.


4. Aquafaba

By whipping chickpea juice, you will change its texture. You can then use it to replace the beaten eggs in a vegan recipe for meringue. This chickpea juice foam is called aquafaba.

5. Damaged Cans

A can must be discarded if it has a hole or bulge in it, if the contour of the lid is defective or the tab to open it is damaged, or if you notice a large bump that prevents you from storing it securely or opening it.

6. Recovering the Oil, Juice and Syrup

The oil, juice and syrup from canned goods can be used in our recipes, to complete a vinaigrette or to add to a fruit salad, for example. Water should, however, be discarded.

7. Added Salt

Salt is often added to canned goods to enhance their flavour and optimize their preservation. There are several options available with less salt, which is clearly indicated on the labels at the grocery store.

8. Nutritional Value

The fibre, essential nutrients and vitamin content of canned goods is comparable to that of fresh and cooked foods.


9. Price Stability

The price of canned goods remains relatively stable throughout the year, contrary to that of fresh products, which fluctuates more.

10. Recycling

We can recycle metal cans endlessly without the metal losing its properties.

Now that you know more about canned goods, fill up on ideas for cooking pantry recipes and homemade preserves.