A Guide to Making Homemade Croissants

Here are the 4 main steps for making croissants at home. After making this first batch, you'll be on your way to master baker status!

1. Butter and dough

The first step involves letting the dough rise and rolling out the butter. Let’s get this recipe going!

2. Buttering

The second step focuses on the secret element behind every good croissant: butter. Give full rein to your favourite guilty-pleasure ingredient — delicious results are on the way!

3. Folding

Put your origami skills to use for this penultimate folding task. You’ll obtain the the desired layered effect if you precisely execute the steps below.

4. Shaping

The very last step is all about meticulousness and attention to detail. You may just discover a hidden talent!

Becoming a master croissant maker has never been easier! And now you’re on your way to being able to successfully make other classic pastries at home.