Kids’ Guide to Making a Burrito Bowl

Check out our handy guide to making a burrito bowl at home with the kids. Fun, guaranteed!

This tortilla-free burrito is absolutely cool. It brings together all the flavours of Mexico, but in a bowl! We bet you a trip to Cancun that you’re going to love it! Here are a few easy steps on how to assemble a burrito bowl.

1. Your starting point is a layer of rice on the bottom of a large, slightly deep bowl (the better to stack your masterpiece). Spread your ground meat as you would tomato sauce on pizza dough.

2. This fresh salad is just begging to be mixed.

 3. Some corn here, black beans there. There’s no user guide to follow; just trust your artistic instinct. 

4. Instead of a fork, use a spoon to get pretty slices in the shape of a fan (and to save your fingers from any cuts).

5. Your Mexican-inspired feast, topped with wedges of lime, tortilla chips, sour cream or hot sauce is ready...and absolutely Instagrammable!