Rum n'Rudolph

  • Preparation 5 MIN
  • Servings 4



  1. Cut the pomegranates in half. With a juicer, extract the juice.
  2. In a large 310 ml (1 1/4 cups) capacity glass, pour in the pomegranate juice and grenadine. Blend. Add the ice cubes. Delicately pour the cranberry cocktail, then the rum, so that liquids do not blend, to create a nice red and white layered effect.
  3. Each guest will mix his drink with a stick.


This red and white cocktail has punch: grenadine and pomegranate juice for reds, white cranberry cocktail and rum for whites. It pleasantly change from martinis!

If you want to double or triple this recipe, blend the pomegranate juice and grenadine in a pitcher and the white cranberry cocktail and rum in another. Then, you’ll simply need to pour the pomegranate juice into glasses, add ice, then gently pour the rum mixture.

You're more the "bubbly" type? Several hours before the guests arrive, place champagne flutes in the freezer. Take them out at the last minute and pour your champagne or your favorite sparkling wine in the frosty flutes. I also like frozen green seedless grapes and add them at the last minute in the already filled glasses.

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