Moist Chocolate Cake in a Cup
Moist Chocolate Cake in a Cup
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Moist Chocolate Cake in a Cup




  1. In a 250 ml (1 cup)-capacity coffee cup, combine the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and baking powder. Add the milk, oil, and vanilla.
  2. With a fork, gently stir until the batter no longer has lumps. Sprinkle with the chocolate chips.
  3. Cook the cake in the microwave for 45 seconds. Let cool for 5 minutes to allow for the cake to finish cooking.


If you want to do more, triple or quadruple the recipe and combine the ingredients in a bowl. Then spread the mixture into three or four cups or 125 ml (½ cup) ramekins. Remember, you have to cook the cakes one by one in the microwave for uniform cooking.

This recipe is from My Lil’ Ricardo.


  1. Not rich enough, add egg, more sugar more cocoa, big scoop of Nutella in middle and generous sprinkle of mini eggs, cook for 1min 30sec and it’s delicious!

  2. This was delicious! The brown sugar threw me lol. I made a different one last week this tops it 100%

  3. Tastes good-looking could be richer, but pretty good for a quick mug cake. Needed more time in microwave for me.. wasn't cooked, still liquid. Needed about 1 min 30 seconds. My microwave isn't old by any means. Tasty though, especially with icecream.

  4. Oh I so needed a piece of chocolate cake and this was perfect . Do not change a thing... I did have butterscotch ice cream with it but that’s ok lol.

  5. Made it exactly as instructed in the recipe, except I didn't have the chocolate chips. Moist and delicious. Next time, I will add an additional tablespoon cocoa and it really does need the chocolate chips. Probably will toast some walnuts and toss those in as well. I'll be playing with this recipe for awhile! It's the best "mug cake" recipe I've tried yet.

  6. this is really good! when its straight out of the microwave its still a little batter-like but i let it sit for 2 mins and it was great!

  7. I questioned the 45 seconds but decided to follow recipe. I let it sit 5 minutes after. It came out so delicious. I am glad I googled this recipe and found your site.

  8. Surprisingly good it can be made in 45 seconds!!

  9. THIS really IS the best chocolate cake in a mug. Rich, moist, flavorful. Love it

  10. Amazing cake in a cup!! I've tried diffrent recipes for cake in a cup but this one is the best I've tried! Love It!

  11. I wanted a little bit of something! Wow ...did this fit the bill! I added a pinch of salt ...but everything else was the same! Kudos on a great recipe

  12. This is nice! About what I expected from such an easy recipe. :P Like others said, it's moist, and tastes pretty good. Only, the cake is rather homogeneous so next time I might throw in some marshmallows and will definitely include choco chips (I was out of them this time).

  13. This is the BEST cake in a cup, I have EVER tasted! It had a very sweet and soft taste. They don't mention it, but i will. Add whipped cream, and or ice cream to make this 100% better! Delicious!

  14. Make it all the time - very quick and tasty!

  15. Was very quick to pull together, love that there is no egg to it. Texture is SO fluffy and spongy, I love it. I used real vanilla extra which had alcohol content, and will be going with artificial next time, as it left behind an odd tang in our mouths. I would also suggest adding another teaspoon of cocoa to give an extra punch of chocolaty richness, for those chocolate craving days! :)

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