Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream

  • Preparation 25 min
  • Cooking 1 min
  • Chilling 2 h
  • Servings 1
  • Makes 4 balls

Got some ice cream leftover at the bottom of the carton? Here's what to do with it!

  • Végétarien
  • Sans noix



    • 1 ½ cups (375 ml) ice cream, flavour of your choice
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 tbsp (15 ml) honey
    • 2 ½ cups (75 g) cornflakes cereal
    • Vegetable oil, for frying


Note from Ricardo

You can add 1 tsp of ground cinnamon or cardamom to the egg and honey mixture, if desired. You can also add 3 tbsp (25 g) of roasted, chopped pecans or pistachios to the crushed cereal.

Personal Note

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