Salmon Gravlax and Mustard Sauce Cups

Salmon Gravlax and Mustard Sauce Cups

  • Preparation 20 min
  • Servings 24

To make these salmon gravlax and mustard sauce cups, use our RICARDO Lemon & Dill Gravlax, made with thinly sliced marinated salmon. You’ll find it exclusively at IGA stores, in the fish and seafood section. Serve it in crunchy little shells and garnish them with a mustard and sour cream sauce. It’s perfect for your guests at the aperitif.




Note from Ricardo

RICARDO salmon gravlax, sold at IGA, is prepared using traditional methods and features hints of dill, lemon and gin. It’s made with Canadian salmon, caught and processed by companies that follow sustainable practices. As it’s marinated, it has a more delicate taste than smoked salmon.

Personal Note