Garlic: remove the sprout or not?

Published September 2nd, 2010 5 stars (12)
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  1. Learned about a part of garlic I did not pay attention to. Interesting on there being something to consider.

  2. I don’t eat veal can I use some other meat?

  3. I'd like to try this recipe , I can't read the ingredients due to the over print!

  4. Whaaat! There's a video for this too! I did not know that. Thanks for all the pointers.

  5. Only recently have I decided to remove the core; due to watching a Nigiella homage to Anna Del Conte. I'd never noticed the bitterness but my breath is a lot sweeter!

  6. Lately, my garlic has had the sprouts showing. I thought they would be nutritious. WRONG! I wondered why my sauce had a slight bitterness to it. You answered the question. NO MORE SPROUTS IN MY SAUCES !

  7. Good to know,thanks Trudy

  8. Agreed! I always remove when I see it. Any tips on buying the perfect garlic bulb? I hate when I buy one and it is sprouting.

  9. In all my years cooking with garlic, I had not known to remove the sprout, and have sometimes been startled by the bitterness the garlic exudes. This is very useful information. In fact, all the videos are great! Thank you Ricardo for bringing your cooking wisdom and passion for good food into our English kitchens.

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