10 Tasty Places to Visit in the Charlevoix Backcountry

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Tourisme Charlevoix

We’re travelling the roads of this magnificent corner of the region that is Charlevoix and its picturesque villages. We’re going off the beaten path, along The Mountain Road, making gourmet stops and discovering hidden gems while visiting many food producers. Here are 10 destinations worth the detour.


In Clermont

1. Menaud

This blossoming microbrewery and distillery brings a breath of fresh air to the region. Visit them for on-site tasting of their latest brews. We particularly love their haskap berry beer and another made of sea parsley hand-picked on Isle-aux-Coudres! Produced in small batches, their beers vary given the master brewer’s ideas and the availability of local ingredients.

1 Rue de la Rivière, Clermont | Menaud


2. Safran Nordique

A young enterprise that cultivates the oldest spice in the world: That’s no small feat! The kiosk-boutique highlights saffron, also known as the Red Gold of New France, in caramels and jams, as well as in its natural state. You can visit the saffron field upon reservation. If you bring some saffron back home with you, here’s a risotto recipe you can make with the addition of other local ingredients.

35 Rue Larouche, Clermont | Safran Nordique

In St-Urbain

3. Centre de l’émeu / Bistro Austravoix

Here’s a playful and gourmet way to learn more about the ostrich’s cousin, the emu. This agritourism spot allows you to discover the bird’s habitat,  life cycle and derived products at the Économusée, as well as to taste its meat at the bistro.

710 Rue Saint-Édouard, Saint-Urbain | Centre de l’émeu de Charlevoix

4. Les Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix

This destination beautifully transforms poultry and pork. Nothing could be better for an autumn picnic than their fine products! And of course, everything is organic. Dried ham, chorizo, country pâté; we were seduced at the first bite.

125 Rue Saint-Édouard, Saint-Urbain | Les Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix

5. La Ferme Basque de Charlevoix

This artisanal farm raises ducks to be processed, with authenticity and tradition at the forefront. Foie gras, pâtés, rillettes and duck breast are certified “Terroir Charlevoix”. It is possible to take part in an open-house tour of the exterior installations, as well as tastings at the boutique.

813 Rue Saint-Édouard, Saint-Urbain  | La Ferme Basque de Charlevoix

6. Casse-Croûte La Rencontre

In this friendly canteen located in the centre of the village, you’ll find Québécois classics like poutine. Some even say that here  is where you’ll find the best fries in the region. With a congenial welcome to boot, what could be better?

1116 Rue Saint-Édouard, Saint-Urbain | Casse-Croûte La Rencontre

7. Charcuterie Charlevoisienne

This stop is a must for fans of artisanal charcuterie. They’ve been processing Quebec pork for three generations. With their wide selection of meat, sausages and terrines, as well as cretons, you’ll surely eat like a king!

131 Rue Saint-Édouard, Saint-Urbain | Charcuterie Charlevoisienne


In Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs

8. Fourchette et Vinaigrette

Two friends passionate about cooking launched this healthy fast food spot and catering service. You’ll love the old-school look of this former general store, and you’ll leave with a lunch box or meal on the go. Perfect to take with you on a hike!

5 Rue Principale, Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs |  Fourchette et Vinaigrette

9. Restaurant of Auberge Relais des Hautes Gorges

This inn, located in a large field in the heart of the mountains, offers a seasonal menu. The fines herbes and edible flowers, harvested on site, are highlighted, as well as local organic products. Nature and gastronomy, all in one place!

317 Rue Principale, Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs | Restaurant de l’Auberge Relais des Hautes Gorges


In Saint-Hilarion

10. Bar Laitier & Boutique Route 138

At once a dairy bar, restaurant and flea market, here’s a retro decor spot, perfect for your cravings! Burgers with melty cheese, poutines and grilled cheese sandwiches will whet your appetite. If you have time, check out the antiques located in this snack bar/museum.

275 Chemin Cartier, Saint-Hilarion | Bar Laitier & Boutique Route 138

Fertile terroir

Over time, Charlevoix has built an enviable reputation when it comes to its food traditions. Visitors discover numerous treats beyond the classics, across its small villages among the mountains. A pioneer in agritourism, the region has more than one trick up its sleeve, and every corner reveals the flavours of its terroir.

This article is a collaboration between RICARDO and Tourisme Charlevoix.

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