6 Tips for a Successful Virgin Cocktail

Alcohol-free drinks are gaining in popularity. In the past, we’ve thought of these products as boring, but that’s not the case nowadays. Here are six tips to help you create winning mocktails similar to their alcohol-based counterparts, with the help of Patrice Plante, founder of Montreal’s Monsieur Cocktail.

1. Plant-based products

Look for bitters or other plant-based products to add to the fun and to reproduce the tart flavour of alcohol (tonic, Chinotto or another bitter Italian carbonated drink).

2. A symphony of flavours

Follow your instincts in the kitchen to create a symphony of flavours (for example, strawberry kombucha, balsamic vinegar with ginger syrup).

3. A neutral base

Always choose a neutral base (water, kombucha, tea) to  better imitate your favourite cocktails. For example, if you’re making a virgin mojito with only lime and sugar, you’ll need to use a lot to reach the same volume. Replace the rum with an alcohol-free spirit or some mint tea.

4. Don’t stir too much

If your mocktail doesn’t include an alcohol-free spirit, don’t shake it too vigorously in a cocktail shaker. This will keep you from diluting your drink.

5. Free yourself of expectations

Free yourself of expectations when compared to alcohol-based drinks. You will never be able to recreate the exact same taste of alcohol; but it doesn’t mean that your mocktail won’t taste delicious!

6. Ready-to-drink

And finally, when you’re feeling less inspired, simply opt for pre-bottled mocktails and drinks that are ready to drink. Our content director Maude particularly enjoys the IPA from Non-Alcoholic Beer, Limbo Raspberry from Mikkeller, apple-ginger must from Michel Jodoin and Berliner Sonne from Bockale.

Patrice Plante