A Practical Guide to Sous-Vide Cooking

Popular with top chefs and foodies alike, the sous-vide precision cooker now allows everyone to get perfectly cooked steaks, fish or poultry right at home. Discover the ins and outs of this appliance and see how you can make the most of all its advantages, including with the ready-to-cook RICARDO sous-vide marinated meats.


“The sous-vide precision cooker is a culinary revolution because it introduces a different way of cooking. It’s the only product that makes it possible to obtain perfect doneness, every time. With this device, you have the certainty of having meat or seafood cooked exactly as you like it. It gives you confidence and it takes away any stress.” – Ricardo

The immersion circulator in a nutshell

Also known as an immersion circulator, the sous-vide precision cooker is a small cylindrical device with a thermostat that heats the water to the desired temperature and circulates it constantly. The cooking time of the food (which has been placed in a vacuum-sealed bag) is longer, allowing the heat to gradually reach the heart of the food item without overcooking it on the surface. As the temperature remains stable, cooking is gentle and even, from start to finish, even with long cooking times.

Compatible with the Ready-to-Cook RICARDO Sous-Vide Marinated Meats

Our range of ready-to-cook products includes sous-vide marinated meats. The technique of sous-vide conditioning is most efficient in keeping the flavour of foods and extending their shelf life.

Five Cuts of Local Meat

Five cuts of meat inspired by our family recipes are available exclusively at IGA:

Practical Bags, Cooking Made Easier

Our ready-to-cook marinated meats come in bags suitable for sous-vide cooking. Of course, you can choose this method of cooking, which has the advantage of allowing ultra-precise cooking while preserving flavours and textures.

Cooking Methods

If you choose sous-vide cooking with the sous-vide precision cooker, all you need to do is mount the appliance on the side of a container filled with water and set it to the temperature indicated on the package. Other cooking methods, such as pan frying, oven roasting or barbecuing, are also included among the options. For each cooking method, simply follow the instructions indicated on the package.

All the dishes are made with local meats and products. While the pork chops and tenderloins showcase Quebec pork, the beef and veal flap steaks are Sterling Silver quality Canadian, just like the chicken, which is also Canadian.

You’ll find these ready-to-cook products in the meat area at IGA stores. Prices vary according to the weight of the meat.

Recipes Adapted to Sous-Vide Cooking

Having proteins that are perfectly cooked, as in restaurants, but in the comfort of your own home, is just amazing. But this cooking method doesn’t only apply to meat and fish. You can use it to cook all kinds of foods, including vegetables, or to preserve fruit. You’ll find a number of recipes under our sous-vide recipe category. To get you better acquainted with this cooking method, we’ve broken it down into 6 steps for you below.

Sous-vide cooking in six steps


Is it better to season and brown the meat before or after cooking it sous-vide? Either is acceptable. The result is the same in terms of time and flavour. But as far as we’re concerned, we prefer seasoning before and browning after. We find that the resulting texture is much nicer.

Cooking guide

With the purchase of a RICARDO sous-vide precision cooker, a cooking guide for different food items is included. Here are some highlights:

sous vide cooking guide

Good to know

The sous-vide technique allows for perfect and safe cooking provided you eat the food immediately. The information contained in the cooking guide included with the appliance does not apply to long-term storage, but to immediate consumption or a normal shelf life in the refrigerator, i.e. 3 to 4 days. If you want to keep your food in the sealed bag in the refrigerator for later consumption (preservation for more than 10 days), leave it in the cooking bath for longer—a thermal treatment called pasteurization—and then cool it in an ice bath.

To inspire you

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