A rainy day with friends

It’s raining cats and dogs? Don’t let the weather get you down... Bring out the rubber boots, raincoat, hat and get going! Bring the indoors outside and, most of all, have fun!

Good ideas for outdoor activities…

Do you have carrots in the garden? Don’t let the rain keep you inside. Get your kids to collect some very fresh vegetables while enjoying some rain-scented air. Or you could even organize a carrot hunt! Hide the colourful vegetables here and there and get your little adventurers to search for them. When their baskets are full, place them out of the rain and continue on with your walk. Make sure to jump in some puddles along the way... you’re not sugar, you won’t melt! Here’s an idea: let them have a duck race. Each person places a plastic duck in a creek, small stream or puddle. The first duck to cross the pre-determined finish line wins. All that’s required is a little patience, a good mood and some rubber boots!

Good ideas for indoor activities…

After you head back inside, introduce your kids to the pleasures of the kitchen. Suggest that they make their first cream of carrot soup... using the carrots they just picked in the rain. Let them perform all the steps on their own, from cleaning to tasting (under your close supervision, of course). While the soup simmers, offer them a homemade version of Goldfish crackers and Cheese Whiz. They will certainly gobble up this original snack. When the soup is ready, decorate each serving with a dollop of cream formed into the first initial of the child’s name. This is an interesting way to personalize their first soup and serve up lots of vitamins at the same time. It’s a win-win idea.