4 Ways to Prep and Stay Organized When Baking

When it comes to pastry and baking desserts, the best advice for having things go smoothly is to be organized. With a tidy workspace and methodical approach, great results are guaranteed every time!

1. Read the recipe first

This goes for any recipe, be it savoury or sweet. Read the recipe from start to finish to ensure you buy all the ingredients required, have all the accessories you will need, know the approximate time the recipe will take (there could be a lot of resting and refrigerating times involved), and ensure you aren’t caught off guard by any specific techniques that need to be done. “Oh, no! I need to laminate my dough to make croissants?” Good thing you checked beforehand!

2. Grab all the tools and accessories you need

Bowls, baking sheets, bench scraper, rolling pin… Make sure that everything you need to complete your recipe is nearby when it comes time to use them. You don’t want to scramble looking for a pastry brush, wasting valuable minutes or worse, you come to the realization that you don’t have one but thought you did. Oops!

3. Clear out as much space as possible

Make sure you have a clear workspace to do your kneading, rolling, etc. Also, put away anything that isn’t essential and clutter that is taking up valuable counter real estate, as you will likely need more than just the space in front of you.

Don’t forget your fridge

When it comes to making space, this includes your refrigerator! If you have some pastries that need to chill in the fridge before baking, the last thing you want is to open the door and see that there isn’t any place for them! Reorganize your fridge before you begin and have some space always available.

4. Measure out all your ingredients before you begin

Having all your ingredients pre-measured and ready to use is key to ensuring things go efficiently. Running from your pantry back to the counter every couple of minutes isn’t the greatest use of your time, so be sure to have them all ready in tiny bowls, like they do in some of your favourite baking videos!