The Making of the RICARDO Fan Cake

To celebrate our 18th anniversary, we decided to create a cake with your help. But there was no way we could all fit into our Test Kitchen, so we did a survey on our Instagram page to find out what you like best. And that’s how we came up with the cake for our big celebration. Here are five questions that we asked Café RICARDO chef Isabelle Deschamps Plante.

1. What was it like inventing a cake with so many different requirements?

“The creative process was…interesting [laughs]. Let’s just say that we all put in our two cents to create a cake that we could be proud of, and that everyone would like.”

2. What was the biggest challenge in creating this dessert?

“To make a cake that wasn’t overly sweet—which, with chocolate and caramel, could have easily been the case! But by coming up with a chocolate crumb that was just sweet enough and then covering it with a custard-based icing (which gives it a crème brûlée taste), it was mission accomplished!”

3. What trick did you discover that you’re most proud of?

“We used cake crumbs to make our crumble—that way, nothing goes to waste, and the dessert gains a nice crunchy texture.”

4. Any anecdotes or funny stories to tell about the trial runs?

“The first test was a real monster in terms of the size and height of the cake, as well as the number of steps involved. We incorporated all the elements that everyone requested, but we all got a sore tooth just looking at it!” [laughs]

5. How many tests did you need to create the final result?

“About eight. Each time, we played with various elements (filling, dough, icing), adjusted the sweetness and simplified the steps so that it wouldn’t be too much of a headache for people to make at home. Throughout, the idea was to find a proper balance to get the taste just right.”

Want to make the cake yourself? Check out the recipe in the 18th-anniversary issue of our magazine (in French only), on sale now, or click here.