The RICARDO Strawberry Cake Presented By Isabelle Deschamps Plante

Dive into summer with the RICARDO strawberry cake, now in a brand-new colourful packaging. We recently spoke with the creator of this seasonal treat, chef of our Café RICARDO restaurants, Isabelle Deschamps Plante.

Why choose strawberries?

“Because I love them more than anything!” exclaims Isabelle Deschamps Plante, chef of Café RICARDO restaurants and creator of this cake. “I grew up on Île d’Orléans and strawberries mark the arrival of summer for me.” And guess what? Ricardo agrees: he also enjoys this juicy red fruit when it’s in season.

Natural ingredients 

Inspired by classic strawberry shortcake, our cake is made with real fruit. “I wanted a cake made with 100 percent natural strawberries—without artificial colours or flavours. Each layer is topped with a rich white chocolate whipped cream mixed with strawberry puree,” says Deschamps Plante.  “It’s like a little cloud with every bite.”

Occasions big and small 

This cake, which highlights the freshness and fruitiness of strawberries, is perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner on the patio. “It’s fancy enough to mark a special occasion, like Mother’'s Day,” adds Deschamps Plante.

Crispy texture 

A crumble made from a white chocolate coating and freeze-dried strawberry powder provides a crispy texture and a pleasant contrast to the softness of the cake. “When it’s the season, accompany this cake with beautiful fresh strawberries,” suggests the chef. 

Where to find it

The RICARDO strawberry cake is available in IGA stores across Quebec for a limited time in the frozen foods section. Upon returning from the grocery store, it can be stored in the freezer if you’re enjoying it later or thawed in the refrigerator for about 24 hours. With a little patience and given its generous size (8 to 10 servings), everyone will be able to have their cake, and eat it too!

You can also make this cake yourself at home when strawberries are at their peak!