How to Make the Best Meat Lasagna

At RICARDO, we love lasagna. It’s hard to resist its soft layers of pasta topped with tomato and meat sauce and gooey warm cheese. Not to mention the golden crispy outer pasta edge that everyone fights over. We’ve developed the best recipe based on a pork and ground beef tomato sauce, a béchamel sauce and caciocavallo cheese. Simple, comforting and very good! Here are four key tips to make it a success.

1. Essential béchamel

By spreading béchamel sauce between the pasta and sauce layers, we’re adding richness and creaminess to the lasagna. The béchamel marries perfectly with the abundance of meat sauce, and helps to slightly reduce its acidity, making it taste richer and smoother. As it contains a good dose of Parmesan cheese, there’s no need to add it between the pasta layers.

2. Cheese changes everything

For a lasagna to stand out, the choice of cheese is essential. We have selected caciocavallo, a firm cheese that becomes very runny and melts when heated, and that has a pleasant creamy taste. Mozzarella cheese will also do the trick, as the important thing is that the cheese melts well and forms a golden crust on the surface.

3. Rest for hold

The suggested resting time after cooking is not to be overlooked. These few minutes allow the lasagna to settle so that it holds together well, and when it’s time to cut it, you get beautiful pieces that don’t fall apart on the plate.

4. Better the next day

Our lasagna is delicious when it comes out of the oven, but it’s almost better the next day after being reheated in the microwave. The cut is even more defined and the flavours are more concentrated. This also makes it an ideal dish to separate into individual portions and keep in the freezer for lunches.