4 Ways to Cook with Green Tomatoes

Have your tomatoes not had the time to ripen and turn unto their usual red colour? Don’t fret: Green tomatoes are also great to use in a variety of recipes! If you’re looking for a few ideas, check out these four.

1. Fried Green Tomato Burgers

The classic fried green tomato—seen here in a crispy corn flour and panko batter—tastes great in a burger in lieu of a meat patty. Served in a bun with a spicy paprika mayonnaise, this recipe from our book Vegetables First will quickly become a family favourite.

2. My Grandmother’s Green Tomato Ketchup

This sweet and tangy chunky ketchup comes from Ricardo’s grandmother, so it’s been a staple in his home for a long time. The recipe also includes apples, so it is the perfect early-fall condiment for your burgers or hot dogs.

3. Fried Green Tomatoes with Paprika Dip

A pre-dinner crudité platter is a fun way to turn a typical family meal into an event! Green tomatoes are sliced and coated with a light and crisp batter, and served alongside veggies and a tasty paprika dip. The perfect way to use up your unripe tomatoes!

4. Green Tomato Cake

Tomatoes in a cake? Believe it! Combined with a basic cake batter and plump raisins, the green tomatoes are puréed until smooth, making for a moist cake. With a sweet cream cheese icing, this is a surprising dessert that will keep the kids guessing as to what the secret ingredient is!