10 Recipes That’ll Make You Happy

When lockdowns and public health measures are put in place at the same time as our winter routines set in, we could all use a few dishes that make us feel good. We’ve put together a list of recipes that will surely put a smile on your face every time. With invigorating citrus recipes, comfort food classics, fried eats and even cold-weather grilling, we’re bringing happiness to the table!

1. Mini Carrot Cakes with Mascarpone Cream

Citrus is just the dose of vitamin C you need during winter, bringing a wonderful tangy aroma to your kitchen and colour to your dishes. The star of these diminutive carrot cakes is the oranges, thinly sliced and marinated in a spicy lemon syrup that adds a touch of freshness to the mascarpone cream.

2. Piña Colada

The piña colada is the ultimate symbol of all-inclusive resorts. Failing to visit a seaside destination this winter, we are bringing the experience home instead. A little coconut cream, chunks of fresh pineapple and dark rum, this morale-boosting remedy feels like a trip to the Caribbean…at an unbeatable price.

3. Parmesan Crusted Sweet Potato, Red Cabbage and Sesame Pita Sandwiches

If happiness were a word, it’d be “colour.” In this recipe, sweet potatoes are coated with Parmesan and sesame seeds, and then topped with a spicy red cabbage mixed with harissa paste. Each element simply shines in this delicious vegetarian sandwich.

4. Love Salad

Love salad is a classic salad in Quebec, and even those trying it for the first time would break into a smile after their first bite. Thanks to the unusual marriage of ingredients (including rice, bean sprouts, spinach and cashews), this “fusion” salad remains a hit, time and again.

5. Salmon Tataki with Lime and Clementine

Can salmon affect your mood? It’s what some studies claim, because this oily fish is packed with omega-3s, which are known to help fight symptoms of depression. So don’t deprive yourself of this fresh tataki, drizzled with a lime and clementine vinaigrette, and topped with a very crunchy salad made up of green apples, carrots and sprouts.

6. Tempura Shrimp

Digging your hand into a plate of crispy fries, biting into still-hot fish and chips... Happiness is eating fried food guilt free, and allowing yourself to lick your fingers afterwards, too. Our shrimp tempura is truly amazing; the shellfish are rolled in a batter made of puffed rice cereal, giving it an irreproachable texture.

7. Creamy Ravioli Raclette

In winter, raclette and fondue are the go-to dishes par excellence. Everyone gathers around the raclette oven and places their pans under the grill to melt, simply enjoying the warmth and the company surrounding us. To switch up the traditional formula a bit, we’ve replaced the potatoes with ravioli, which are then browned with mushrooms, dried sausage and a generous portion of cheese.

8. Veal Bourguignon

Who can resist the captivating aromas that tend to escape from a simmering pot? To give an air of sophistication to the usual red-wine bourguignon, we opted for veal instead of beef. As for the addition of crisp pancetta and roasted mushrooms, they bring a modern touch to this unbeatable classic.

9. Pork Chops with Fruit Ketchup

Lighting up the grill on a snow-covered patio, all bundled up, is a rather pleasant way to counter the winter cold. Pro tip: We marinated our pork chops in a fruit ketchup. And with a side of veggies grilled in a foil packet, it’ll feel like summer for an evening.

10. Warm Chocolate Tart

What’s an article on happiness without the inclusion of chocolate? Especially given that this dessert is a cross between a chocolate pie and a molten chocolate cake. Yes, it’s gluttony incarnate! It is best served straight out of the oven, so that the dense and intense 70% chocolate remains hot when sliced through. This pie has the enveloping effect of a mug of hot chocolate after returning from a long walk outside, cheeks flushed from the cold.

Looking for more recipes that’ll prolong your happiness this winter? Dig a spoon into one of these cozy soups: