3 New Pressure Cooker Recipes

This weekend, we’re losing one hour in the kitchen due to Daylight Savings. Thankfully, our trusty pressure cooker is here to save the day...and to save us some time! Here are three of our newest recipes to try.

1. Pressure Cooker Cheesecake 

A cheesecake that bakes in only 25 minutes? Yup, it’s possible in the pressure cooker!

2. Pressure Cooker Irish Oatmeal 

Have you heard of steel-cut oats, also known as Irish or Scottish oatmeal? They’re made using the whole oat that’s then cut into small pieces using a steel blade.

3. Pressure Cooker Hard-Boiled Eggs 

The biggest advantage of cooking eggs in the pressure cooker is that they’re easier to peel!

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