What’s in Ricardo’s Home Minibar? Cocktails Made with Local Spirits!

Thanks to all your suggestions, Ricardo has discovered some great spirits made in Quebec. This gave him the idea to build a minibar at home and stock it with local spirits to whip up a few of his favourite cocktails anytime.

at-home bar

Ricardo’s Picks

“I have a newfound appreciation for Quebec gins. Check out a few of my favourites below, as well as other must-haves from my home minibar.”


1. Ginger Spritz

“Brigitte and I adore a good spritz. I replaced the sparkling wine with ginger beer and sparkling water. I then frosted the glass with both sugar and ginger for a stylish finish that evokes the holiday season.”

2. Spruce Beer with Absinthe

We’re crazy about sodas, especially homegrown versions. All the more reason to add them to our cocktails! 

3. Vermouth and Maple Whisky Sour

We gave this classic a festive twist with the sweet addition of maple. “Inspired by mixologists, I also burned the bay leaf to add a bit of smokiness.”

4. Blackcurrant Cosmo

According to Ricardo, the holidays aren’t the holidays without a cosmo! In this cocktail, we replaced cranberries with blackcurrants.