Tips for Not Wasting Anything in Your Pantry

Before cleaning the pantry make sure to use everything you can instead of throwing food in the trash or compost bin. Old cookies and faded herbs can have a new life thanks to these useful waste-management tips.

Spices and herbs

Even though they’ve been sitting there in the cupboard for ages, they’re still good. Although they have lost their intensity, you just have to increase the amount used.

Molasses, honey, syrup

As they age, these sugars crystallize. Bring them back to life by placing the containers in a bowl of lukewarm water.

Old cookies

Don’t treat the compost bin to these sweets, even if they’re soft; simply put them in the oven for a few minutes and they’ll get their crunch back.        


Over time, even just a few months, oils can become rancid. If you only use a certain oil occasionally, freeze it in ice cube trays.

Many foods in the pantry keep for a very long time and do not deserve to be thrown in the bin. By extending their lifespan, we avoid waste...and save on food costs!