6 Recipes Inspired by Local Winter Vegetables

Inspired by our visit to Quebec’s Ferme des Quatre-Temps in the middle of winter, the kitchen team has developed recipes based on vegetables that grow locally, even during the colder season. Make way for spinach, arugula, Swiss chard and other vegetables that add colour and freshness to the menu!

1. Spinach Salad with Warm Green Onion Dressing

Spinach is taken to new heights by coating it with a hot vinaigrette made from red wine vinegar and a generous amount of green onions. Mature spinach is chosen for this recipe, as its thick, robust leaves tolerate the heat of the salad dressing—and are less likely to soften in contact with it. The finishing touch is thanks to elderberries, which add a crunchy—and local—texture to this winter salad.

2. Lentil and Quinoa Bowls with Tatsoi and Poached Eggs

This generous meal-sized bowl is made up of lentils, quinoa, carrots and tatsoi—a little-known vegetable that has a texture similar to spinach with a taste comparable to cabbage and whose stems and leaves are both edible. Complete each bowl with sprigs of dill and a poached egg.

3. Lamb Burgers with Arugula Pesto and Roasted Onion

A condiment with a bit of zip helps to balance the more upfront lamb in these burgers. We opted for an arugula pesto made with pumpkin seeds (instead of pine nuts). In addition to the pesto topping, each burger has a healthy dose of roasted onions and sour cream rather than mayonnaise.

4. White Turnips and Cucumbers with Garlic Scape Labneh

In this super-crunchy salad, we immerse the sliced white turnips in ice water in order to get maximum crunch with each bite. They are then distributed on plates with a mixture of labneh with garlic flower and Espelette pepper. We prefer labneh—a fresh cheese—to yogurt because of its milder flavour and lack of a sour taste.

5. Swiss Chard Rolls with Buckwheat and Oyster Mushrooms

This vegetarian recipe features Swiss chard leaves formed into rolls. The stuffing, which combines buckwheat and mushrooms, offers a texture reminiscent of minced meat. This dish is given a refined look by placing the rolls in large bowls before dousing them with a tasty ginger-scented broth.

6. Roasted Radishes in Brown Butter with Buttermilk Pork Chops

Baked radishes mixed with small pearl onions and sliced apples make up this pork chop recipe that honours local produce. The pork, bathed in a mixture of buttermilk and garlic, comes out tender and full of flavour. To finish, drizzle everything with a hazelnut butter.

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