10 Mocktails and Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas for Festive Evenings

No alcohol, no fun? Definitely not! We’ve created some delightful, mixologist-approved drinks for an aperitif or festive evening, minus the booze. Now that’s something worth saying “Cheers” to.

1. Blackberry Mocktail

This recipe has it all with its complex flavours and fancy look. To a base of alcohol-free gin, add orgeat syrup, which is reminiscent of amaretto, lemon juice and bitters for a highly satisfying drink. To get a gorgeous purple colour, just crush a few ripe blackberries. Here’s a super-chic suggestion that will wow your guests.

2. Coconut and Mint Limeade

Freshness guaranteed with this alcohol-free drink with limes, fresh mint and coconut water. Put everything through the blender and leave the drink in the fridge until the aperitif. Plus, this recipe is convenient as it can easily be doubled for hosting a large group. Let the party begin!

3. Cucumber Tonic Mocktail

Who ever said that you need alcohol to spice up an evening? With this cucumber, tarragon and jalapeño mocktail, your party will be anything but boring! Stretch your mixture with tonic water and that’s all there is to it. Easy and delicious!

4. Apple-Ginger Mocktail

This alcohol-free cocktail has some pep thanks to a touch of fresh ginger. We also add old-fashioned pressed apple juice since it has more character than filtered juice. To obtain a beautiful foamy texture, use a cocktail emulsifier or egg white, and top with ginger ale for more intensity.

5. Radicchio Tonic Mocktail

To find a balance between sweet and tangy in this mocktail made from alcohol-free gin, we made a homemade radicchio syrup. It gives the drink depth and a more vegetal side, especially with a touch of rosemary. And the vibrant pink colour of this drink is half the fun!

6. Pineapple-Elderflower Fizz Mocktail

Want a complex drink that will give you much more satisfaction than fruit juice, but that’s also packed with flavour? Here, our elderflower syrup evokes St-Germain liqueur and is topped off with sparkling water for a festive beverage.

7. Faux-Gin Fizz

This mocktail really has that gin taste, minus the actual gin! This illusion is created by a concentrated syrup made from juniper and lime berries to get that piney herbal side, along with the typical bitterness of this spirit, without any distillation required!

8. Grapefruit Tonic Mocktail

For a more subtle cocktail, this one is prepared with an ice cube made with grapefruit juice so that as it melts, it slowly reveals its tangy flavours.

9. Ginger Beer

This refreshing ginger beer has a pleasantly spicy side. To create effervescence in beer, you need 36 hours of fermentation, but here we use instant yeast, which acts faster than brewer’s yeast and has a different aromatic profile. You can easily double or triple the recipe to make extra.

10. Homemade Kombucha with Raspberry and Hibiscus

Making homemade kombucha is a fun project that stretches over nearly two weeks due to the fermentation required. The result is a homemade economical version that is delicious to drink on any occasion.