4 Ways To Use Leftover Buttermilk

Here are a few creative ideas for putting leftover buttermilk to good use—and reducing household waste!

“We can all learn how to shop more conscientiously, be better about not wasting, clean out our refrigerators by eating and cooking everything in them, and rethink the lifespan of ingredients. If we revive the ethical practices of our ancestors, rethink nourishment and community, and add culture to the big picture, then maybe we can establish new traditions.” — Italian chef Massimo Bottura

1. Freeze it

Measure your leftover buttermilk into different-sized portions (according to your favourite recipes) and pour into small freezer bags or an ice cube tray. Next time you whip up pancakes, waffles or scones, your buttermilk will be ready to go—and already measured, to boot!

2. In pizza dough

Buttermilk gives pizza dough a smooth, springy texture and a golden-brown crust once it’s baked. Simply replace the water in our basic pizza dough recipe with the same quantity of buttermilk, and presto!

3. In a mash

Buttermilk is delicious in mashed potatoes. Add some fresh chives and you’re all set for a monster mash. A guaranteed hit!

4. In a marinade

Buttermilk makes an excellent base for a marinade. It not only gives grilled meat a flavour boost, it also tenderizes the meat. Why not try our buttermilk pork chops recipe!