November 20 to 24, 2023: What to Cook This Week

Speed, simplicity, efficiency and comfort are the order of the day in this menu that focuses on the sheet pan, your best ally in the kitchen. Use it to cook Monday’s vegetarian meal, toast the croutons that garnish a pasta dish and roast the chicken and vegetables for a dinner that’s ready in 30 minutes.

Monday: Sheet-Pan Curried Root Vegetables and Chickpeas with Mango Sauce

Aim for efficiency when making dinner by using a sheet-pan recipe. Use it to roast the vegetables, coating them in a curry mixture, and add kale, chickpeas and raisins towards the end of the cooking time. The final touch to this delicious vegetarian meal comes with some store-bought mango chutney, yogurt, fresh cilantro and a side of rice.

Tuesday: Ramen Noodle Bowls with Hoisin Salmon

Fish is often a key ingredient in protein-based dishes that are super simple to cook. It’s certainly the case with these Japanese-inspired meal-bowls. Make them with salmon fillets, coated in a hoisin sauce marinade before pan-frying them. This hearty recipe, which also includes ramen noodles and green peas mixed with a dressing, will satisfy both kids and adults.

Wednesday: 30-minute Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Recipes ready in 30 minutes are appreciated on weeknights. This one is no exception, especially as it’s a healthy choice for your family. Spread the chicken and vegetables on a baking tray, then drizzle a mixture of curry powder and maple syrup over them before sliding everything into the oven. Serve this meal with pesto couscous and you’ll get unanimous support from the whole family.

Thursday: Tagliatelle with Fennel, Dried Currants and Parmesan Croutons

This pasta dish brings a hint of summer to your table in November. Brown the fennel in a skillet in a wine reduction, with dried currants, fennel seeds and pepper flakes. Coat the tagliatelle with the mixture. Garnish with croutons, fennel fronds and grated Parmesan to add texture and flavour on each plate.

Friday: Pork and Cheese Casserole for Tortillas

Ground pork, bell peppers, tomatoes, beans, cheeses and seasonings. When you gather all the ingredients necessary to make tortillas in the same dish, you get less dishwashing at the end of the meal. Treat yourself to this dose of comfort food to end the week on a high note.

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