Ricky Le Chef - Chocolate Cake in a Cup

Published March 2nd, 2017 5 stars (10)
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Ricky Le Chef is back with his newest video! What's he whipping up now? A moist chocolate cake in a cup. Yum!


  1. Yummy! During these challenging times having to stay indoors to keep safe from what is going on with this pandemic, this video not only made a yummy chocolate cake in a cup but it added some humor, laughter and smiles to our day! It makes learning to bake fun for everyone!! I do hope you consider making more videos such as these. Thank you!

  2. It is fun-tastik. I'm cooking Ricardo recipes when I'm in US.. and everybody loves it. So, now, I will make everyone to cook their own dessert... running this video as instructions. This will be Ricardo Le Chef moment at our party and a good way to extend the plaisir de la table! Super Ricardo. The one who makes everyone to be a Chef!

  3. I love Ricky Le Chef....thanks Ricardo, this is too funny!

  4. I FREAKING LOOOOOOVE these videos! Please don't stop! ever ever ever!

  5. These are incredibly funny. It is so suitable to your personality. My daughter loves them and so do I. we are off to make the cake in a cup!

  6. I really enjoy Rick Le Chef videos!! I look forward to them.

  7. Ricky Le Chef is absolutely priceless!! Don't stop.

  8. As a Canadian viewing this from Arizona it was hysterical and kinda amazing to watch!!! Well Done Ricardo!!!

  9. Too funny! Keep them coming.

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