Discover Our Selection of RICARDO Butterflied Chicken

At RICARDO, simplicity is our motto; every new product that we launch must be one that makes people’s lives easier. Our new RICARDO whole butterflied chickens, now available at IGA stores across Quebec, are no exception, much like our cooking sauces.


What’s the recipe for a successful cookout? tender and juicy local chicken, grain-fed and available in three flavours:

1. Greek: refreshing aromas of lemon, oregano and rosemary.
2. Portuguese: traditional spice notes.
3. Habanero BBQ: slightly sweet and spiced up with habanero peppers. The newest addition to the range.

Greek Butterflied Chicken

Cooking method

They are pre-seasoned and ready to cook, going from the package to the oven or grill at a snap of your fingers! There’s no need to add anything else, everything is ready for you. Its spatchcocked preparation allows for a shorter cooking time. Whether you cook it in the oven or on the grill, your bird will be ready in an hour.

This is a simple and local idea, perfect for any and all occasions. It’s a delicious and practical solution when you want to save some time during meal prep!

If you prefer to butterfly your chicken yourself, here are a couple of recipes to inspire you! All you need is a good chef’s knife or kitchen scissors, and the right technique!